8-08-21 Dollars & Sense: Why you need a Financial Quarterback on your team


Hosted by CFP® Marc Freedman of Freedman Financial, "Dollars & Sense" is designed to provide “Financial Advice in a Language You Can Understand®”, Marc gives listeners a chance to learn about financial planning, investments, retirement, and more so that they can make smart financial decisions for themselves and their families.  

Marc is live this week and asks the question: ‘Do you have an investment person, or do you have a financial planner?’ Many say that the COVID shutdown left them thinking that their financial picture was way TOO COMPLICATED. Too many things SCATTERED about to the point of confusion. Then they wonder if their family could manage it… or even find everything if left on their own. Marc shares a potpourri of ideas to address this and more. BONUS NOTE: Marc gives you a mouthwatering description of what his ‘Oy Vey’ sandwich creation is all about.


If you have a question or a topic that you would like answered, e-mail it directly to Marc at marc@freedmanfinancial.com.

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